1. A RAW file contains the image data from the camera which are uncompressed and unprocessed while a JPEG file compresses the image data to make it a smaller file, more easier on storage. A RAW file has better image quality because of the lack of compression, so they have more flexibility on editing however will be slower due to their file size.
  2. A RAW file is bigger since the image data is kept uncompressed and unprocessed.
  3. You can convert RAW files into JPEG in photoshop, you just simply save it as a JPEG however image quality will be lost due to JPEG’s compression.
  4. If you were shooting an important event, you’d have to capture as much of it as possible. Therefore, you should use JPEG since it wouldn’t take as much storage allowing you take capture more of the event.

Masters of Photography

I chose Timothy O’Sullivan because his last name was funny. However, when I actually looked at his pictures, I really liked him since he’s one of the early photographers, so the quality and color of his pictures added to the landscape. It adds a level of eeriness and it’s mostly desert landscapes. I personally like the color of the photos, it adds atmosphere and it’s very vintage. The pictures he takes are often a barren, empty land, so the colors of the photos kind of makes the photos seem haunted.

Good Composition

Leading Lines, Symmetry, Camera Angle
Rule of Thirds, Camera Angle, Diagonals
Subject of Interest
Subject of Interest, Diagonals
Depth of Field, Simplicity
Depth of Field, Camera Angle
Depth of Field
Rule of Thirds
Depth of Field, Asymmetry

Studio Strobe Lighting Writing Critique

This young person looks very formal and collected. They look extroverted and kept well together. The lighting seems to have the master on the subject’s right side and a slave on their left side. There is also light behind him in the background. The background doesn’t look like a curtain, instead paper? Overall this is a very formal photo and I like the crows feet wrinkles they have next to their eyes when they smile, mainly because I also have crows feet.

Other Worldly Landscapes

For this one, I changed the color of the ground with the color balance option, messed with the levels and made stuff darker and other stuff lighter. Then I messed with the filter option using different types of pixelate filters in order to get the vintage eerie vibe.
This one originally had a speed bump in the road but I got rid of it due to its asymmetry. I was messing with the sky and got white and green, so I decided to add planets because I like planets.
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